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Baseball and Bat

Important Camp Info!

1.  How will you keep us informed about camp?

     a.  Once you have enrolled, you will be getting a confirmation email.

     b.  In the weeks leading up to camp (approximately June 12 - July 8) you will be receiving an email per 

           week.  These emails will give you important information about what's to come in camp.  Things 

           check-in details and schedules etc.  In these emails we will also be asking you to respond with 

           additional information that we will need in preparation to host your camper!

     c.   REMIND 101 App:  please download the Remind App on your phone:  we will be sending

           messages through this app leading up to camp and especially during camp to give you updates

           about schedules and weather. 

2.  Can my child take his medicine while at camp?  

     a.  Absolutely.  If it is a controlled medication, then Coach Fullerton will administer.

3.  Will campers be without adult supervision in the dorm?

     a.  No.  When the campers go to their hall/room, then the coaches will, of course, not be present with  

          them.  However, 8-12 coaches will be residing in the dorms and on the same halls as the campers

          throughout the camp.  There will never be a time that the campers are without a coach on the


4.  What do we bring to camp?

     a.  Bedding/twin beds
     b.  Toiletries (Towels/Soap/etc)
     c.  Clothing (Cleats/ Spikes and Tennis shoes/ baseball pants for 4 days/ shorts for gym workouts/ t-  shirts for workouts/ free time clothes- none of the above will be laundered)
     d.  Baseball equipment (hat/ glove/ gear if catcher/ helmet/ CUP/ bat)
     e.  Snacks and drinks if desired (good to keep extra water/sports drink in room.
     f.  Extra money for pizza if desired (one-topping large pizzas are $10 each)
    g.  Gold Bond or other medicated powders for chafing

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